Welcome to the "LoadedGlam" Blog, I hope you enjoy reading about my life and my shooting journey.

It all started with a BANG!

BattleBack Centre got the real me BACK!

I am so thankful for attending the Multi Activity Course (MAC) delivered by the BattleBack Centre. The MAC is part of the Defence Recovery Programme that ensures wounded, injured and sick personnel have access to the key SERVICES and RESOURCES needed to help them either return to duty or make a smooth transition into a […]

Shotgun Skills

Shotgun Skills Being a total “newb” to shotgun shooting I decided that I should educate myself in basic shotgun handling. Handling a shotgun compare to the service rifle I have come accustom to is a little bit different to say the least, so the Shotgun Skills package delivered by the CPSA seemed a perfect solution. […]

It all started with a BANG!

Hiya Guys Writing isn’t my strong point but I’m going to attempt a blog so I can share a new found passion in clay target shooting. I hope you will enjoy my blog and my shooting journey. Let me take you back to 29 Feb 17 the day I picked up a shotgun and slayed […]

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