Shotgun Skills

Shotgun Skills

Being a total "newb" to shotgun shooting I decided that I should educate myself in basic shotgun handling. Handling a shotgun compare to the service rifle I have come accustom to is a little bit different to say the least, so the Shotgun Skills package delivered by the CPSA seemed a perfect solution. This provided me with a structured shotgun competency course that the minority green personality traits I have needed to satisfy any doubts I may have had. I also thought this would be looked at favourably by the FEO at my interview for my shotgun certificate.

The lesson was delivered by one of the senior CPSA coaches, Mr Mike Williams. Mr Williams is a great instructor, his delivery of the subject was great. Easy to understand and enjoyable. I shall certainly be contacting Mr Williams for more CPSA Academy run course in the future. On the day I completed Module 1 & 2 of the course and had a great time. I went away fully confident in my ability to handle a shotgun safely and I even left with the buzz of breaking clays. This was only the second time I had handled a shotgun so hitting the clays and putting lead down the barrel was still new to me and very exciting. I came away with a certificate and BADGES, I felt like I was swimming again and achieving my 5 and 10m swimming badges.

Anyone new to shooting I recommend the shotgun skills package in fact anyone who is wishing to brush up on their skills will benefit from this course. It is also great for tackling Gun Fit and Eye Dominance issues as this is addressed as part of the course. If your interested please take a look at the CPSA Shotgun Skills page for MORE INFO

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